Friday, November 23, 2007

Simple Engineering lives on...

Its been a while, seems the Internet and blogs have more staying power than I previously thought. Although I recently restumbled upon my blog, I have kept detailed entries into my adventures as an entrepeneur. It has been a tough and winding journey, let me tell you. With more surprises than I could have imagined and dark days to last a lifetime. We have designed and launched a product that currently the market leader in Healthcare performance management locally; introduced cutting-edge EMR technology into individual practices for healthcare practitioners; and managed to hold together the most amazing group of individuals I have had the pleasure of leading. Jim Collins was so right in his book "Good to Great" its scary. You have to get the right people ON the bus, and the wrong people OFF the bus before you can truly go anywhere. It is a painful process, but one whose merits are irrefutable.

By this time next year, we are on track to being a household name in the regional healthcare industry; as well as graduating from being a "small tech start-up" and be a multi-national technology company. Just as our history has proved not without obstacles, we fully expect hazards along the way. Only this time, we'll have the experience, camaraderie , and talent needed to pull through anything.


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