Tuesday, August 19, 2008

6,144 hours later.....

...I've gotten a company on track to become the regional leader in healthcare software solutions for the Medicare, Medicaid and Commonwealth Healthcare Reform Act, established multiple entrepeneurship initiatives throughout Puerto Rico, finished another semester of Law School with flying colors, got democratically elected as Vice-President of THE software engineering board on the island, transformed my home into a hub for visitors from Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Holand, and many others, and managed to retain my sanity (not entirely sure about that last part :). Time does fly...it never ceases to amaze me. Move a few flakes down a hill, and before you know it; you've got a massive snowball. Don't know about the massive part, but at Simple we do feel the push forward. I've also had to wrestle with simply moving forward, even though there are times when one just wants to take a step back and think about past achievements. After so many things that we've been through over the past year, it would be a disservice to all those who have invested their time and effort in making the company into what it is today. To all of you...thank you. To all those feeling the Karma face-turner...just turn the other cheek ;).



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