Monday, December 29, 2008

The End is Near

Whew, talk about a 180.  The speed at which life moves and changes now still amazes and inspires me.  It has truly forced me to think deeply about the fleetness of plans and time; about what's truly important and how much easier it is to impact a life than the world.  I have met some truly amazing individuals during this past year, most of which I do not know when I'll see again in the hopes of explaining how their life has impacted mine; and through me, will impact so many more.  I have seen for the first time the limits of my strengths (however grand others feel them to be) and have finally understood the depth of my weaknesses.  For the first time, I feel on a path I do not know where it leads; my plans seeming but a small detour in the development of the skills and acquisition of the tools for the greater path ahead.  I have also learned the unquantifiable value of the team; and how its best members are not ones you choose yourself, and can come from places you never dreamed of.

I always enjoy the feeling of a clean slate the New Year always brings to me; and how lucky I am to have the chance to sit at this juncture in time and draw picture of all that's happened in one short year.  Last year was about growth, this year was about understanding; I fully expect the new year to be about discovery.   But as I have learned thus far, what I expect is not what will be important.....

Happy New Years, and to all my comrades; near and far, 'skoal'!

P.S. - We will meet again sooner than you think.


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