Thursday, November 03, 2005

Time update

So I managed to run into my blog again, thought I'd take some time for a quick update. Last year there were a few objectives I wanted to hit during the year. I posted the following:

-Buy a car
-Buy an apartment
-Pass the PE exam(professional engineer's licensce, I already have my "engineer in training" one)
-Pass the MCSD exams

Of those, I bought myself an Audi A3. I live in Condado, Puerto Rico (its a lease, its right smack in the middle of the best nightlife on the island). I didn't pass the exam the first time around, so I recently took it again (let's hope I don't have to take it again :S). I did pass a bunch of Microsoft exams (still missing a few to finish the MCSE:Security track), got Citrix Certified (CCEA, CCSP). I'm also undertaking studies in Professional Mediation & Arbitration. I'll be done with that in the next few months.

I'm also currently the Secretary of the Institute of Computer Engineers of the College of Engineers & Land Surveyors. Youngest elected member in the history of the Institution. It is a huge responsibility and I am truly humbled by the confidence the members (other Computer Engineering professionals) have placed upon me. I'll put an update about what we've been up to with that sometime in the future (if i remember).

There are other milestones I've achieved on a personal level, those I'll keep private for now. Onward to a great new year, let's hope next year I can announce a lot of the things that are in the works right now....