Friday, February 20, 2009

Its always something new....

...As usual, It never ceases to amaze me how much things can change, and still, as expected, always stay the same. How things you understand to be true one moment, are still the same, while contemporaries are still trying to figure out what the status quo is all understand the ebb and flow of life. Now all this would be fine and dandy, but it worries me enough to write about when those who you choose as anchors have doubts about what they think they know...thus casting doubt on why you chose them as anchors in the first place. All of which brings me to my current are alone in life, with only your thoughts to keep you company, as everyone else is still trying to figure themselves out in front of the world.

For the first few months of this new year, I've learnt so far what it truly means to be unique in a particular geography and timeline. Such an event is one that is only truly experienced in retrospect and is, in my opinion, impossible to be understood at the moment that it is happening. Speed of thought is not enough to circumvent all the other experiential and emotive issues surrounding individual and collective consciousness development. Whatever happens, I'll still have myself to understand what's going on....sadly, there might not be someone else to understand with me.

Always a treat.