Thursday, June 01, 2006

Life after Rock Solid...

So, its been a week since I resigned from my former consulting firm. It is funny to experience exactly how much can happen in just a few weeks. There's so much freedom, yet so much to do in so many different areas, it IS a bit overwhelming at times. I absolutely love it. Everyday feels like I'm streched to the max, even feeling like I'm streching in whole new directions.

Being an employee just can't compare to the sheer learning curve of being an entrepeneur. There is absolutely no comfort zone to speak of, yet you see yourself pushing along out of sheer passion for your new product. Though I'm sure none of this is a new experience per se, it is truly interesting to be the one going through the actual experience.

What I love the most, is not only being completely responsible for myself, but also being responsible for the well being of all those under my care. Pretty amazing really, and I do believe I can be trusted with their future. If I had even a half of one half milli percent (random I know) of doubt, I just couldn't be doing what I'm doing.

Anyways, for the rest of you....just go for it. Hastabajocontoytenis.....That's my motto.